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On Entrainhotel you will find, all together, the offers of the best hotels and facilities located in the Riviera Adriatica, the coast where the days begin with a sunrise over the sea and continue in a welcoming and familiar atmosphere of fun and relax. Choose the perfect offer proposed by the many locations where you can feel at home and at the same time finally on holiday. 

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Family holidays

The 'family-size' holiday

There has always been a great summer classic, and there are many hotels that dedicate to "family format" holidays amenities for children, both on the beach and in the hotel, family offers and agreements with the Riviera Romagnola's water and amusement parks. Browse this section of Entrainhotel, to leave all thoughts at home and find the best holiday solution for you and your family.

Emilia Romagna - Marche - Abruzzo

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Bed and breakfast holidays

The Bed & Breakfast formula

When you set out to look for a hotel, you know there are many stars you can find. But if you think that organising your holiday on your own, waking up to a hearty breakfast to then set off to live your days as you want is priceless, choose a B&B near the sea and you'll have all the freedom you need to manage your holiday time. In this section of Entrainhotel you'll find what you're looking for.

Emilia Romagna - Marche - Abruzzo

Agenda Adriatica 

all the events of the Riviera Romagnola continuously updated

Things to do, from the sea to the city, in the hills and in the villages, in this land of festivals, manifestations and events, including culture, cuisines, sport and entertainment. Every day there is an appointment not to be missed. 

Because a holiday on the Riviera Adriatica fills the eyes, the belly, the heart and the agenda.

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Family holidays and more

The hotels on the Riviera Adriatica are facilities that may be very different from each other, but they all know how to export the secret of first-class hospitality. They work on their offers and on the continuous improvement of the amenities offered, ready to respond to your needs. You can choose between the all-inclusive or the half board formulas, according to your needs, your tastes, what you think is best for you and your family. If you want, you can treat yourself to the luxury of a 4-star hotel, or move, for family holidays, between the many proposals of 3-star seaside hotels. If you are looking for a place that is affodable and follows good quality standards, you can choose among 2-star hotels or 1-star boarding houses that, for a lower price, will make you feel at home in an informal, family-run environment. If you prefer to manage your holiday on your own, the B&Bs and the Residences will welcome you, leaving you all the freedom you need. But for everyone, making you happy is a careful job of listening and experience.

Fun and taste, from the beach to the hinterland

The beauty of a holiday on the Riviera Adriatica meets all ages and does not go wrong with any of them. The discos between the sea and the hills, the events, concerts and manifestations have always attracted young people looking for fun, carefreness, new joy and enthusiasm to live the best summer of their years. The hotels located in the Riviera Adriatica often propose to families packages to enter amusement parks. Because we can all together be children again by jumping at the chance to take the best offer. In fact, the Riviera Adriatica marks many attractions on its amusement parks. You can also find the richness of this area in the delights of its cuisine: from those of the hotels to those of the restaurants along the promenade or in the city centre, or even to the most typical trattorias in hinterland villages, where to go to have a trip full of taste and beauty.

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