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Abano Terme, wellbeing and relax

Abano Terme is the most famous resort of the "Terme Euganee", a centre of great importance known both in Italy and aboard.
Long ago it was called Abano Bagni today the city is divided between the city centre and the more touristic area.

The Hotels in Abano Terme are all equipped with a spa on the premisis and guests can have treatments without leaving the building.
Inside the 4 star Hotels in Abano there are many Beauty Centers where treatments linked to the aesthetics and beauty of face,body and hands are carried out .

The spas in Abano all perform mud therapy,excellent to cure pain and inflammation of the bones and muscles. Inhalatory therapies are available to resolve respiratory problems and balneotherapy , useful to resolve muscle tension and lessen pain and physical disorders . The thermal waters are also used for innovative treatments,while the qualified staff working in the centres give relaxing massages with benefical results.

The Abano town centre is not to miss : spacious,well kept green areas, numerous monuments, churches and beautiful palazzi. The peaceful streets allow you to take long strolls at any hour of the day, to reach the various parks of the city , which are beautiful in every season : whether covered by luxuriant greenery in spring,or the reds and yellows of autumn.

What is there to visit in Abano Terme ? In the town centre there are many monuments,churches and palazzi.
Don't miss the Duomo di San Lorenzo which has paintings of great value on display .
Always in Abano and it's surroundings you will find a series of patrician mansions containing frescos, paintings and works of various genres,which often host exhibitions and cultural events.
The Pinacoteca di Montirone is located in the touristic area of Abano and contains works of the 700s . In the Abano countryside you can also visit the Cittadella Vigodarzere where Ugo Foscolo wrote "Le ultime lettere di Jacopo Ortis" in complete solitude.

From Abano it is possibile to visit the other towns located on the Colli Euganei and nearby Padua.

During your stay in Abano Terme don't forget to taste the excellant dishes of the veneta cuisine, from polenta to meat , with lots of homemade pasta. On the Colli Euganei grow numerous herbs that are used to flavour the various dishes. Merlot, Cabernet, and Pinot are just a few of the most wellknown wines produced in Veneto that accompany the meals served in the Hotel restaurants and in the town's inns .

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