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Easter at the Hotels in Cattolica

Cattolica is waiting for you to spend Easter at the seaside in one of it's pretty hotels located near the beach, recently renovated and equipped with every comfort and service.

The Hotels in Cattolica are very appreciated for Easter by those that want to spend some days on the Adriatic Riviera to attend events and visit the many amusement parks located within a few kilometres.

In Cattolica's Hotels you'll find many Offers for Easter prepared especially for families with children and large groups.

Easter 2012 at Cattolica's Aquarium

Those that choose to spend Easter 2012 in Cattolica, besides strolling on the beach to enjoy the warm spring sun, can take part in the many free events organized along the Riviera or visit nearby Le Navi Park, known to be the largest aquarium of the Romagnola Riviera.

The Le Navi Aquarium is a splendid place where adults and children can learn alot about the secrets of the sea and it's inhabitants.
Inside you can admire fish of all kinds, the remains of sea creatures and the famous sharks, which are the symbol of the Aquarium thanks to the various activities to defend the species and the possibility to book a swim in the shark tank, obviously in complete safety.

Besides Le Navi Park, from Cattolica you can easily reach other amusement parks that open for Easter, for example Mirabilandia, Fiabilandia, and Italia in Miniatura.

In nearby Rimini the grand event of the Paganello is held, the international Beach Ultimate tournament; while at night along the Riviera, night spots, pubs and discos allow young people and adults to dance and have fun until the morning.

For Easter weekend there are many celebrations organized along the coast : it's easy to reach them, because in Riviera you can move around with public transportation and local trains.

In Cattolica's Hotels you find special packages for families and groups, often containing agreements with parks or the most popular discos.You can enjoy pleasant strolls on the beach or admire kites, while if you enjoy visiting new places you can join one of the excursions in the Romagnola hinterland, to admire fortresses and medieval towns with all the charm of the period.
During the Easter period Cattolica hosts the Festival of the antique flavours of the land and the sea, where you can enjoy samples and buy typical products, traditional dishes and particular flavours. From April 2nd to 5th the Festival of the antique Flavours will be held in May 1st square, with lots of side events, such as concerts, celebrations, shows for children.

Cattolica is an excellent destination for Easter vacation thanks to the economic rates which are convenient for families and young people.

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