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New Years in San Mauro

San Mauro is preparing to welcome the New Year with a magical serene atmosphere full of lights.

A calm, family atmosphere, excellent for who wants to relax before December 31st and the grand New Year's Eve Celebration.
The Hotels in San Mauro are open and equipped to host everyone that wants to spend the New Year in Riviera having fun in the squares or in the discos.

Things to do in San Mauro Mare for New Year's

All of San Mauro organizes itself to give it's best during the holidays.
Shop windows are decorated with small Christmas trees, presents, lights, strands of gold and silver. The town streets are decorated with lights, the squares fill up with people and flea markets.

Typical restaurants prepare rich menus with creative and traditional dishes, especially for New Year's Eve dinner.

San Mauro is in an excellent location for a vacation with many things to see.

First of all from San Mauro you can visit San Mauro Pascoli, where you can visit the home of the poet and participate in the various cultural events organized during the holidays.

You can travel along the riviera and visit the famous nativity scenes, go shopping in the christmas markets organized in other towns, spend evenings in discos and famous night spots.

San Mauro is located near Cesenatico and Bellaria, which can be easily reached with public transportation and trains. From San Mauro you can reach Rimini in a short time, the romagnola town which during the holidays attracts numerous tourists with it's midnight celebration broadcasted live by Rai TV.

In fact the Hotels in San Mauro are often chosen by those that wish to enjoy New Years in Rimini or other locations in Romagna because of the peacefulness and the excellent rates.

San Mauro Mare's New Years is waiting for young people and families with all the best of the Romagnola Riviera.

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