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Easter in San Mauro Mare : Hotels and Offers

The peaceful beach, the first rays of the warm spring sun, the indoor swimming pools of the Hotels and the beautiful parks and gardens, are just a few of the main ingredients of an Easter vacation in San Mauro Mare.

The Hotels in San Mauro Mare open for Easter and inaugurate the season with offers and special packages. Located close to the sea and well connected with the parks of the Riviera, the hotels are excellent for Easter weekends with the family or with friends.

Fun and culture for your Easter in San Mauro Mare

San Mauro Mare is a peaceful resort located in the heart of the romagnola coast, where you'll find equipped beaches, pretty Hotels in San Mauro near the sea and services for families on vacation and young people that visit the Riviera looking for fun.
The Hotels in San Mauro Mare for Easter offer special packages and offers for the entire weekend, including Monday which is a holiday.

Besides the first strolls on the beach, there are many activities to enjoy during Easter Vacation.
San Mauro Mare is well connected with the other resorts of the Riviera, for example, it is possible to visit Rimini,where during the Easter period, the Paganello , a Beach Ultimate tournament is held at the beach, attracting young people from all over Europe.
Always from San Mauro, you are able to visit the amusement parks that inaugurate the new season on April 1st, for example Italia in Miniatura, Fiabilandia and Mirabilandia.
You can also visit Cattolica's Aquarium, where you can admire sea species and sharks, and Rimini's Dolphin tank, with it's shows that are very popular with children.

If, instead, you are an art and culture lover, you can program a a visit to the areas that the poet Giovanni Pascoli was fond of, because they are where he lived as a child and for this reason he remained linked with them for the rest of his life..
From San Mauro Mare it is possible to go on an excursion to San Mauro Pascoli and take part in the Pascoli itineraries and the guided visits to the areas that the poet was fond of. Pascoli's home, Villa Torlonia and San Mauro Mare's Tower shouldn't be missed.

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