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to choose or offer a beach holiday, without having any doubt

With Entrainhotel we wanted to be even better and more useful. To do this we have studied, analysed and made decisions. 
So, whether you are the guest looking for the best hotel for your holiday, or the hotel that wants to tell every detail of its facility and proposals, Entrainhotel is truly the right place for you.
We have changed our look and deepened our contents. We have improved and become even more beautiful. And after this makeover we like ourselves more too.
In the new Entrainhotel we put offers at the top. We know that when looking for a holiday you pay attention to many things: you set a budget, you define the specific days of your stay and the specific needs for you and those travelling with you. Here you will find a large space dedicated both to offers and to the brand-new Family and B&B sections, with the most popular treatments and the best amenities. You can go through the hotel profiles, read the reviews and watch the photogallery. The new graphics is even more intuitive and by embracing your desires it will take you to your destination on easy and pleasant routes. 
Come in and see that you will not need a TomTom to get around Entrainhotel. Your holiday starts here.

If you are looking for a hotel

FAQs for the guest looking for the best hotel for their holiday

On Entrainhotel you can select and keep together the hotels you like best by clicking on the heart icon. In this way you will have time to compare, filter, go through several hotel profiles, send a quotation request and choose the right proposal for you among all of them. As long as you have not clicked on the 'send' button you can remove and add one or more hotels to your list of favourites. 
Yes, you can. As long as you send the same request to everyone. It is an easy and convenient operation. Choose the hotels you like more and add them to your list of favourites by clicking on the 💗 and, once you have completed your selection and filled in the form in detail with all the specifics of your stay (period, number of guests, type of room and treatment), send your quotation request with one single click! 
This will save you time and give you the quotations you need to make your choice. 
No, you cannot. On Entrainhotel you can find reviews but you cannot leave them. The ones you read here are from the main review services used by users (e.g. Google Local or Tripadvisor), and these reviews are here to help you choose. 
Because it is convenient, it is fun and since you have too many options it helps you choose by suggesting the best offers and by telling you about the uniqueness and beauty of each location. Entrainhotel knows how to support you in your choice but it also knows how to leave room for your imagination. On Entrainhotel you will find the right response to your wishes and you will soon start thinking about being on holiday.

If you have a hotel

FAQs for the hotelier who wants to promote their structure

On Entrainhotel there are hundreds of touristic facilities like yours, which thanks to the portal manage to bring out their uniqueness, gaining the loyalty of thousands of customers. If you would like to know how, contact us on the Promote your structure page and one of our consultants will provide you with all the information, explaining the options we can offer you according to your objectives and characteristics. So many hotels, so many solutions. And we have studied them all.
If you devote special care and attention to provide services for families and children that come to your hotel and every year you think of something new to make every person of a different age feel good, you are undoubtedly a Family hotel. To be present and visible in the brand-new dedicated section on Entrainhotel, write to us at info@entrainhotel.it, you will be contacted as soon as possible by your local consultant.
It is easy, you just need to email us at info@entrainhotel.it and we will update your contents as soon as possible: it is important that the information on the portal is always up-to-date and reliable, for us as much as for you.
On Entrainhotel you can make all the holiday offers and proposals you want. We are not here to put limits on you, but to allow your potential guests to find you by filtering interests, budgets and needs.

Continue your search, the best offer is waiting for you

See offers from thousands of hotels and facilities, all at once.

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You may have already met us, either in the newspapers or in person. National magazines often publish our articles and you may have read there one or more writings about Gruppo Adrias, of which we are a member, and about the initiatives we carry out.
If you have attended any trade fair in the field of tourism you may have come across us there. Or you may have learnt about us through the word of mouth of those who found their holiday on our portals. To keep seeing us and not missing out on anything we do, you can follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter, so that it will always be You first.