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Lanciano, a leap into the sea and history

Lanciano is an oasis of peace, a splendid town with lots of green areas which makes it a popular choice for those that love outdoor vacations.
Lanciano originally extended itself on three hills, surrounded by walls to defend against invaders that have since been pulled down to allow the expansion of the town.

Lanciano is a beautiful town, with many churches, works of art, and culture. The narrow streets of medieval influence are lined with shops selling handmade goods , Palazzi , old buildings, and antique towers which give off an antique atmosphere that shouldn't be missed.

The beauty of the town attracts tourists and visitors during the summer and also during the cooler months, for example during spring holiday weekends and normal weekends, The nearby ski slopes make it an excellant destination for winter tourismin Abruzzo, while the Parks of Abruzzo , Gran Sasso and Majella attract families and groups of young people all year long.

During your vacation in Lanciano don't forget to visit the beautiful Churches located in the town's centre : the Cathedral ofMadonna del Ponte, where an antique statue of the Madonna with child was found after an earthquake, creating a deep sense of devotion that is still alive today ;

the church of Santa Maria Maggiore, which besides being one of the prettiest churches of Lanciano, it is also one of the most visited monuments in Abruzzo and San Francesco's Church which houses the relics of the Eucharistic Miracle of the patron saint of Italy.

Besides beautiful churches, in Lanciano you can admire the Torri Montanare, located along the antique walls of the city and used in the past as lookouts for the enemy ; from here you can enjoy a splendid view of the city, and the nearby Gran Sasso and Majella Mountains , reaching the blue coastline of Abruzzo. Always near the antique walls you'll find the Fonte di Civitanova, the town's antique fount, which played an important role in supplying water to Lanciano and irrigation to the fields surrounding the town.

If you take a stroll in Lanciano's town centre, you'll find Porta San Biagio, the only medieval gate of the nine surrounding the walls that is still standing

Among the periods when Lanciano attracts more visitors is certainly Easter with it's traditonal ceremonies,such as the Procession of the hooded and the Via Crucis ,with the acting out of the stations of the cross.

On August 31st the feast for Saint Egidio, the patron saint of the town, takes place, it's a very popular celebration among children because the streets of Lanciano are filled with all kinds of toys.

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