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La Borgata che Danza: typical flavours and music in Bellaria

2023-05-26 to 2023-05-28

The Dancing village or also known as the Festa della Borgata takes place in Bellaria and involves the entire ancient village of Bellaria with the aim of creating an opportunity for the taste, flavours, music and dance and enhance the ancient core at the foot of the 17th-century Saracen Tower.

The event will take place from 26 to 28 May 2023.

The initiative, which started in 1993, involves every domestic space in the village: inner courtyards that turn into tavernsfood stands in decorated squares, tasty dishes from the typical romagnola cuisinelots of wine and beautiful people.

To liven up the evenings, in the streets and taverns, are invited groups of folk musicians and storytellers, both local and from other Italian cities, expressing the diversity and richness of our traditional cultures.

Everything takes place in a joyful, relaxed atmosphere; people eat, drink good Sangiovese, sing and enjoy the true hospitality and goliardia of Romagna.

Let us also not forget that the Dancing Village is an ideal context and opportunity to breathe new life into languages and forms of expression that, alas, we often forget, but which are the soil of our roots.

In this regard, the Laboratory for Documentation and Social Research on Popular Music of the Municipality of Bellaria Igea Marinafinds in this event a valuable open-air study lesson.

Where to park in Bellaria

Given the large influx of visitors we suggest, for those arriving by car, some Bellaria car parks:

- with paid summer housing, free in winter
Piazza del Popolo, Bellaria - parking spaces no. 146
via F.lli Cervi, Bellaria - parking spaces no. 120
via F.lli Cervi, Bellaria - parking spaces no. 120
Piazza di Vittorio, Bellaria - parking spaces no. 43
via Conca, Bellaria - parking spaces no. 44
via Perugia, Bellaria - parking spaces no. 55
via Don Milani, Bellaria - parking spaces no. 21
Piazza A.Costa, Bellaria - parking spaces no. 38
via Metauro, Bellaria - parking spaces no. 40

- chargeable through the use of parking meters in summer, free in winter
largo Montello, Bellaria - parking spaces no. 20
via Trau - Conti, Bellaria - parking spaces no. 95

- free on an annual basis
Piazza del Popolo, Bellaria - parking spaces 104 in summer, 250 in winter
via Costa, Bellaria - parking spaces no. 47
largo Montello, Bellaria - parking spaces no. 30

- summer-only time disc
via Panzini, Bellaria - parking spaces no. 100.

La Borgata che Danza: typical flavours and music in Bellaria
2023-05-26 - 2023-05-28

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